Online Retirement Webinars

These online retirement webinars offered through small and medium-size companies will help you prepare for a financially secure retirement, maximize your income and get the most from your investments. You will learn how to protect your hard-earned savings from inflation, taxes and erosion despite these unprecedented times. Topics covered include:

Retirement Goals, Dreams and Resources
Sources of Retirement Income
Retirement Mistakes to Avoid
Tax Planning 101
Investment Planning


The workshop is conveniently presented in a series of two one-hour webinars to give you time to absorb and reflect on the information gathered and address the issues that are important to you personally.


The material is relevant to anyone asking themselves if they will have enough to live the lifestyle they dream of for their golden years. The curriculum is designed for people who are serious about gaining money management knowledge.


This is an educational program, with no promotion or solicitation of financial products. Examples and illustrations are generic, without reference to specific products or services.


Registrants are entitled to an optional, personal financial planning consultation at no cost or obligation. Based on information you provide, we can prepare a personal financial analysis. This session will help you identify your personal financial objectives and develop a plan to achieve them.


Marylou Heenan is a Speaker and Financial Educator in Toronto. She is passionate about improving Canadians’ financial literacy with a special focus on how to successfully transition into a joyful retirement and protect their hard-earned savings. Retirement cash flow management and tax minimization strategies are her specialty. Marylou helps people gather all the information they need to make the successful transition to retirement.

A native of Toronto, Marylou is a trilingual entrepreneur who has always been active in the educational field and successfully transitioned to focus on Financial Education. Marylou is a board member of The Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs. She volunteers in the Assante BE Well-Advised Program to provide financial advice to Canadians who would not ordinarily have access to a Financial Advisor. She’s also a keen supporter of various local and international charities, including Kiva, which makes loans to entrepreneurial women in developing countries.