Retirement Planning Webinars for Companies


Support your employees to confidently prepare for a Joyful Retirement despite the current economic uncertainty brought on by Covid-19. More than ever, many employees have financial stresses that can reduce their productivity at work. By educating them on aligning savings with retirement goals, you support both their retirement planning and their mental health.

These two 1-hour online retirement webinars have been adapted from the complete Joyful Retirement course and provide information needed to understand how to maximize income and get the most from investments. The webinars show how to protect hard-earned savings from inflation, taxes and erosion through lack of knowledge and/or poor planning.

Marylou Heenan GTA Retirement Instructor


As a top-notch employer, you already know that managing employee well-being contributes positively to your workplace and your success. GTA Retirement Seminars provides a valuable resource to alleviate employee concerns over how best to plan for their future goals and dreams. The material is relevant to those planning their retirement, close to retirement or former employees who have already retired. The curriculum is designed for people who want solid retirement planning education.

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Joyful Retirement Seminars have been offered across Canada by qualified financial educators in university and college locations since 2018. As a result of the Covid-19 emergency, the live programs have been postponed. The course material has been restructured as an employee benefit for small and medium sized companies to provide for their staff.

As in the original programs, there is no promotion or solicitation of financial products.

Following the online retirement webinars, registrants are entitled to an optional, personal financial planning consultation at no cost or obligation.

Over 5,000 students report feeling confident about their future and empowered to make important financial decisions after taking the course.

Great seminar for everyone regardless of age or knowledge level. Not only did we get the benefit of all the material covered in the classroom presentation, everyone was offered a one on one consultation at no extra charge at a later date. We definitely took advantage of this extra perk. Well worth the time for planning your retirement. Thanks!!

Tina Marie Davidson